Harley Davidson 1926 8 Valve Board Track Racer

Harley Davidson 1962 8 Valve Board Track Racer
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“Ut somnium, sic colligo”

“I dream thus i collect”

Everybody has a dream.

Each morning we collect our dreams and store them against the harsh reality of the world. With Vintage Motor Brands we want to take your dreams one step closer to reality. We want to give you the chance of owning your own high end, exotic and rare motorcycle.

Everybody collects.

In our years we will collect what we love and what we hate. Vintage Motor Brands has set out to help you collect things that you will love to the fullest. Combining these two elements every human will go through in their life is our goal.

By dreaming about collecting and trying to collect our dreams Vintage Motor Brands has set out to create high end collectables. Dare to dream with us and dare to catch your dreams.

We create high end collectables.


We produce a variety of products related to the Motor industry.

Prototype Divers
Prototype Indian
Prototype BSA
Harley Davidson
Prototype Triumph
Prototype Zundapp
Prototype Harley Davidson

Collect your dream!

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